Groups is a smart way to segment your data. Segmenting your data will then enable you to compare results directly in a view but also do a bit more. 

What do groups enable? 

By setting up groups, you will be able to quickly identify potential issues since your data will automatically by segmented enabling you to quicker see score across different groups such as offices, divsions or other. 

Groups will also enable you to send target surveys to different groups internally. This enables you to send surveys to the company as a whole but also to a specific part of it. Say you set up engineering as a sub group of Roles then you would be able to send a survey just for them.

How do I set up groups?

To create groups you simply navigate to users and groups. 

Step 1: 

Under the groups view klick new group. 

Here you will be able to create a group and subgroups. Think of groups as the heading, this could be Offices. Sub groups would then be Stockholm, San Francisco etc. 

Step 2:

Now make sure to add people to your groups. You do so by navigating to the user you want to add an by click on them. There you will be able to see groups and you can simply click on the group you want to add them and press save.

Giving someone access to a groups data

To give someone access to a group's data, you simply navigate to the user you would like to make an admin via "users" in the navigation panel to the left. 

Then select the user you would like to make an admin and in their details scroll down to add user to group(s). Select "admin member with access to group data"

This means that the user will be able to log-in and access shared feedback by the group they have been made an admin off. 

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