We always strive to make it as simple to introduce Henry to an organisation or team as possible. We have therefore created a short FAQ guide containing the most common questions asked employees and managers. 

Some of our clients choose to send out these answers ahead of using Henry while others address them at all-hands meetings. A strong recommendation is to tailor the responses below to your company, its processes and to the audience as well. 

Employee FAQs

Why are we gathering feedback more frequently?

The exact reason may vary among companies but most often companies choose to use Henry to be able to more proactively listen in to the needs of their employees. Henry will also enable companies and teams to catch issues quicker, spot trends and leverage data to make smarter decisions.  

What do I need to do?

Describe what is expected from the employees. Most often it is as simple as taking the time and responding to the questions being asked. 

How does it work?

Henry gathers feedback over email or Slack. Depending on the frequency for your specific company / team your employees will get an email or Slack message prompting them to share their feedback. They will also get a reminder if they don't respond to the first notification.

How and when will the results be looked at and addressed? 

This is a good opportunity to let your employees know the high-level plan for addressing the feedback shared and who will be making the decision on when and what to act on.

Are the answers confidential? 

This is optional but you can choose to set all questions as confidential. If you use open questions explain why and the benefit of using open questions.

Manager FAQs

How will my team members be asked to share their feedback?

Webchat:  If your team or company uses Henry over webchat they will get an email prompting them to submit their feedback. In the email, they will be redirected to a browser where they can instantly share their feedback. There is no need to log-in to the service to be able to submit feedback. 

Slack:  For teams using Henry over Slack Henry will gather feedback from the employee in a direct message within Slack. 

What data can I access as a manager? 

Managers will want to know what level in the organizational hierarchy they will have access to, so explain how you have chosen to set up Henry for your company.

Will I be able to see the comments that employees have left?

All managers will be able to see the comments left by the employees they have access to. To be able to see the comments there needs to be at least 5 people in their group.

When should I begin acting on the survey results?

A good rule of thumb is to begin having discussions with employees as soon as possible. Once you have the information it’s tough to deny that you don’t know where there are opportunities for growth, so don’t wait to begin taking action - and be transparent about the plan. 

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