From the start, there are 38 questions within Henry spread across 10 categories. Each one of the questions is based on research within employee engagement and organisational psychology to enable you and your company to be able to measure the most important factors right from the start. The questions that make up these ten categories will be asked to employees on a 5 point scale. 

Our categories
All of our categories have been selected from research from employee engagement and organisational psychology to help you gather a comprehensive overview of how your company and it's teams are performing across these important variables. The categories within the product are: 

Feedback and appreciation
Helps you understand if team members feel appreciated and if they get enough feedback to understand how well they are performing. 

Personal development
Relates to the degree individuals feel they can grow, learn and develop within the company.

Looks into how engaged an employee is and how enthusiastic they are about their work.

Work Environment
Relates to how the individual perceives their work environment and how it affects their performance.

Workload & Well-being
Concerns stress-levels and the employee's general well-being and the amount of work they're responsible for, and it's potential to cause stress.

Relates to how satisfied employees are with their total compensation at the company.

Looks into to which extent employees feel they cannot only express their opinions without fear of retribution but also to which extent they can make decisions about their work.

Helps you understand the individual's general thoughts about the company, it's management, and it's ability to compete in the respective industry.

Product confidence
Concerns the product or service the company delivers and it's competitiveness and quality according to the respective employee. 

Each category contains approximately 4-5 questions to gather a deeper understanding of the state within each category.

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