Once you add your team to Henry and create your first survey we will reach out to your team to gather their feedback. But before you have created your survey and added your team, no communication will be triggered from Henry. Depending if your team uses Henry over webchat or Slack the communication may differ a bit.

Teams using Webchat
Once you create your first survey Henry will prompt your team to respond to it over email.  The email will be similar to this one and will ask users to start their chat. Once in the chat they will receive the questions you have set up.  If they don't respond they will get an additional reminder. 

Teams using Slack
For teams that use Henry over Slack we won't send out any emails since all communication with Henry will be directly in Slack. When you add Henry to your Slack, Henry won't talk to anyone until you have created your first survey. You can read more about Henry and Slack here.

You can of course mix webchat and Slack. Who uses which option is something you set up on an individual level.

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