With Henry we are introducing a new and intelligent way to send out survey questions - Smart Pulse Surveys.

The benefits of Smart Pulse Surveys

Smart surveys have been designed to make it easier for you to run a pulse surveys in your organisation without creating survey fatigue or a poor user experience, two things that will otherwise hurt your response rate over time.

The benefits: 

  • Intelligent question rotation 
  • Ability to avoid survey fatigue
  • Enable continues feedback gathering without compromising on user experience

Henry will rotate through the questions you have added, adapting the questions to avoid survey fatigue while at the same time enabling you to see trends within questions. The intelligent algorithms within the tool will also make sure to give you an overview of the questions you have added in a faster way than a traditional pulse survey.

With the smart survey, Henry's AI and machine learning capabilities will also leverage follow-ups to make sure to give you as actionable data as possible. 

When should you use Smart Pulse Surveys?

Smart Pulse Surveys are perfect if you would like to run a more proactive employee survey internally but want each interaction to be effortless.

Smart Surveys are adapted for bigger surveys (more than 15 questions) where you want to track trends but want to make sure to avoid survey fattige.

How to set up Smart Surveys

Step 1: Creating the Smart Pulse Survey

Navigate to Mange Conversations and choose Smart Pulse Surveys. Press create "survey" and give your Smart Pulse Survey a name.

Step 2: Adding your questions

In the survey view make sure to add the questions you want to gather feedback on. You will also be able to import our questions to your survey through "import from question library" feature.

For each question you can choose if you want them to be on a scale, yes/no, free-text and multiple choice. Note that you need to add each question to a category. 

Step 3: Deciding on your settings

The final step is to "go to settings" to the right in the view. Here you will need to make a few choices for  the settings of the survey. You will need to: 

  1. Choose audience - Who to send the survey to. You can send it to the entire company, multiple groups or one specific group.
  2. Then choose smart survey settings. If you haven't set up your smart survey settings you can do so by pressing smart survey settings, which are available in the right top corner. 

Note: Just remember to press save as a final step! :)

The different Smart Survey settings

With Smart Smart settings you can choose your pulse frequency. You can choose from Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly. Most common set-up is Bi-weekly among our customers.

Other settings

You can also choose if answers should be confidential or not and as a final step you need to set deadline and response window for the smart survey. 


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