Classical Surveys are great if you want to run a simpler survey with your team or company and want to make sure all questions are asked at once.

When should you use a Classical Survey?

Classical survey delivers the most value when you need to gather feedback on a very specific set of questions. With a classical survey, all the questions you have added will be asked at once. Great user cases for classical surveys are an: Office Relocation, Retrospective or Company kick-off. 

How to set up Classical Survey

Step 1: Creating your Classical Survey

Navigate to Manage Conversations and choose Classical Surveys. Press create "survey" and give your Classical Survey a name.

Step 2: Adding your questions

In the survey view make sure to add the questions you want to gather feedback on. You will also be able to import our questions to your survey through our "import from question library" feature.

Step 3: Deciding on your settings

The final step is to "go to settings" here you will need to make a few choices for how the settings of the survey. You will need to: 

Decide on who gets the questions
Do you want to send it to the entire company, several team or one specific team,  this is where you choose it.

Decide the frequency for how often the questions will be asked
Here is where you decide how often all questions will be asked.

Set confidentiality
Choose if you want the responses to be open or anonymous.

Response window and deadline
Set how long time each respondent will have to respond to the survey. Note that one reminder will be sent out on the day of the deadline. 

As the last step just remember to press save and you are done!

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