Henry Insights helps you better understand how your teams and company as a whole is doing by enabling you to gather feedback in a simpler and more intelligent way. 

By gathering feedback in a more continuous and conversational way, you will be able to spot issues quicker, make better people decisions and further improve the performance of your team and company.

How does it work?

We built Henry to enable you to go from gathering feedback to action in one structured flow. When building Henry we wanted to make not only gathering feedback simple and conversational but also acting on it.  Below are the steps to how Henry works and how you can set it up.

How do I set it up?

Step 1: 

Start by adding users and setting up groups. You can simply add users by navigating to the icon in the top left corner in the navigation.

Note: That by adding groups you will be able to compare your results across the different groups you have set up. Groups could be location, division etc. You can read more about groups here.

Step 2: 

Next up is choosing what Henry gathers feedback on. Navigate to Manage Conversations, here you will  have survey templates to choose from as well as our engagement survey which is complete with 36 questions,  enabling you to measure everything that is important for your team. You can read more about smart pulse surveys here and classical surveys here

Step 3:

Send it out by deciding when to send it!  Good to know is that users will get one reminder to answer.  Once the conversation is completed Henry will make sure to send out an email to everyone who has access to be able to view the data and tell them their results are available. 

Step 4: 

Decide on what is relevant for your team and the company to act upon and prioritise it. You can read more about priorities here.

Remember! We also have a slack integration so you can choose to gather feedback via sending an email link or by using Henry directly in Slack. More about the Slack integration here.

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