Our integration into Slack makes gathering team and company feedback even easier. By connecting Henry to Slack your team can share feedback directly in Slack without ever needing to leave Slack. 

Connecting Slack

To connect your Henry account to your team's Slack workspace, go to the Insights setup guide and click the Add to Slack button. It will lead you to Slack's authorisation flow where you choose which workspace to connect. Make sure you don't already have another Henry account connected to that workspace.

On confirmation success, you'll be redirected back to your Henry account and you're all set to import Slack users and start talking to Henry in Slack.

Couple your Henry profile with your Slack profile

If you wish to connect your (or a team member's) Slack profile with a Henry profile, you can visit the user profile and choose Slack under the Conversation channel option.

This will trigger a confirmation email to the account's email where the recipient can connect it to their Slack account.

How it works

Your team will get each question via a direct message and will be able to answer and use all functionality within Henry directly in Slack. We will also make sure to remind them if they haven't responded. 

For managers and admins, we will also send notifications through Slack which makes it even simpler to access shared feedback by your team. The only thing you need to do to view results is clicking a link which will take you to the question and its results. It is as simple as that.

Good to know: 

Henry won't communicate in any of the public channels but only works through direct messages. You can read more about it here.

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