With our compare view, you get the ability to get a quick overview of how your company and each respective group is performing in one simple view.  With an incredibility detailed view and color-coding, you can easily spot which groups need a bit more of help and which key questions have low or high scores.

The compare view is a great starting point for when looking at shared feedback  to learn potential problems could arise and where more support is needed. 

Good to know is that the scores in the graph are based on the most recent answers.

It's extremely easy to segment data in different ways. You can simply apply filters at the top of the page marked in orange which enable you to view data from the following angels: 

Survey: See results for the a particular survey. This will exclude any other scores and only show the questions that have been asked in the specific survey.

Will enable you to see data only for a specifically chosen group. If you have many different groups, this could be a simple way to exclude others and only look at a selected few. 

verything in the heatmap is interactive so whenever something requires a closer look, simply click on the score to get to the question. Here you can see changes over time, distribution as well as relevant comments. 

Response rate:
In the compare view you can also see the response rate which you can read more about here.

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