With the comments view we want to make it simple for companies to analyse larger amounts of employee feedback. 

In the comments view you are able to sort comments with a group and time filter as well as a sentiment and importance filter. Let's go through each one of them.

Sentiment and importance filter

The sentiment filter enables you to simply sort comments according to their sentiment. This will enable you to get more context to certain questions and get a better understanding to why some are positive and why others maybe negative or neutral. 

Importance filter

The importance filter enables you to leverage Henry's algorithms to find the most important comments shared by your team. Here Henry will look at a combination of length of comment, sentiment as well as the words chosen by the person who has submitted the feedback.

Group and time filter 

Time Filter

The top filter on the page - the group and time filter will enable you to sort comments according to time. Here you can apply very specific dates as well as last month, last quarter and last year.  

Group Filter

Group filter enable you to see comments only for a specific group. This means that you can apply a group to see the comments shared by one or multiple of the groups you have set up. Say you want to see the comments only for Stockholm, then you can apply a filter to only see there feedback.

You can also view feedback per survey by applying different surveys as a filter.

Starring a comment

For any comments you find particularly valuable you can start them. This will enable you to find them quicker. To star a comment you press the star next to it. This will also automatically add it to your dashboard so you can easier find it later. When you want to remove the comment from your dashboard you simply unstar it. 

Note: Starred comments are personal and only visible for you in your dashboard.


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