With Henry, each leader in your organisation will automatically get a personalised dashboard that does all the heavy lifting for them. In the dashboard Henry will automatically keep track of the key KPI's, highlights areas of improvement and more.

For each manager, Henry will also make sure to highlight what is new since the last time they logged in and more. 

Pinned questions

Pinned questions enable you to tailor the dashboard to your need. This will also enable you to choose the KPI you and your team want to track. You can have as many or as few KPI's as you would like. You can read more about pinned questions here! 

Unread Answers

Unread answers help you to quickly see where there is new feedback since you logged in. This makes it a breeze to catch up with new employee feedback.

Groups that need your attention

Henry's algorithms will automatically identify areas of improvement both across a specific teams as well as across the entire company. This feature will enable you to quickly spot  areas where you can make the biggest improvement.

What if you don't have any groups that need my attention?

In some instances, you may not see any priorities on your dashboard. This is normal and means we haven't identified any groups with score that are significant enough to highlight in your dashboard.

Starred Comments

Any comments that have been starred by you will appear in your dashboard. This will give you a simple shortcut to the comment you found important.

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