When looking at a feedback in a specific question there are several different angles to look at feedback from. In the question view, we enable you to simply see the latest score, trend,  comments tied to the trend as well as compare the score to other groups. 

Latest score and trend

The main view enables you to see the latest score in the question. In the graph to the left, you can also press different dates to see how the score was at that time as well as the distribution of answers to the question.

Answer Summary

In the answer summary, you can see the comments tied to change in score highlighted by the graph. The answer summary enables you to understand why a score has changed and how the sentiment within your team has changed. Henry will automatically detect any changes and try to identify why there has been a change in sentiment among the employees.

Compare by
In each question, you will also be able to compare results across the groups you have set automatically. Since all the data is interactive, you can just press a group to find out more. 

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