You can easily download your results into a powerpoint presentation in Henry This is a great way to share company as well as team results effortlessly. 

For each exported question you will be able to see: 

  • The score 
  • The distribution 
  • The line graph
  • The benchmark
  • The comments within the question

How to download Powerpoint presentation

To download your presentation you navigate to:

Results - Where you all questions and their results.
Click Download report  - Henry will start building your presentation which will be downloaded automatically.

In the exported presentation - the results will be shown for the entire company. That is our default filter in the heading. If you want to customize it further, say to show the results for one team only or for a longer time period then you need to customize the powerpoint download.

How to customize your Powerpoint download

To customize your report you simply apply the filters you want in the heading. By applying filters, the results will automatically be updated to only show what you have selected.

The filters you can apply are: 

  • Data range - Which adapts the date range
  • Group - Which only returns a specific group
  • Survey - Which enables you to see results from a specific survey only.

Once you have applied the filters you want you can simply press Download report to get your custom results.

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