When onboarding a new hire you definitely want to make sure to pre-board them before their first day to make sure they feel as welcome as possible. One thing that can be tricky there is that new employees don't always have a company email but for that we have a smart solution. With our "auto-update" feature you can pre-board the new hire to their private email and we'll make sure to switch them to their company email on their first day.

How it works

When adding a new hire you can simple choose to add their private email as well as their company email. On their first day we will make sure to update their email automatically. Any messages sent to them on or beyond their first day will get sent to their new company email.

This means that all feature communication will be sent to the new company email.

How to use it

When you are onboarding a new hire you: 

  1. Fill out the details for the new hire. In the first "email adress" column make sure to add their private email.
  2. In Optional field that says "work email adress". There you add the email you want to update to on their first day. 
  3. The email will automatically be switched on their first day! 

Note this field is optional and if you don't want the email to be switched you can just leave it blank.

It is as simple as that to make sure to have a pre-boarding that starts even before you have an official email for the new hire.

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