In your Settings underneath the Company Settings you will notice the ability to style your communication. Here's how to choose a logo for your communication as well as a color. 

First, set your logo

It’s easy to change logo of your communication. Just pick upload logo and add your logo. Once your logo has been uploaded it will be visible both in your emails as well as in your response page.

Second, choose your colours

It’s easy to change the color of your assets. Just visit company settings and accent colour. Here you can simply choose from our preselected options or pick your company's primary colour. Not it needs to be the hex value.

The color you choose will be applied to these items: 

  • All buttons 
  • Checklists and tasks 
  • Links in communication

What’s next? 

Now that you have your communication branded, it’s time to start creating your onboarding and offboarding.

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