With each message, you have the ability to create interactive communication that makes the flow off onboarding and offboarding smoother.

There are 3 different options in each message that you can use:

  • Tasks - Digital checklists
  • Questions - Enable you to gather feedback through a question
  • Multiple choice - Makes it simple to offer the candidate a few options they can choose from. 

Task - Digital checklists

Tasks enable you to send interactive checklists to people within your organisation. This is great for when you want to distribute the work and need feedback about the completion of certain tasks. This could be things such as getting confirmation that an access card has been ordered. 

Note: For tasks we also make sure to send out reminders if they haven't been completed.

Questions - Great for asking open questions

Is a way for you to gather feedback on choices and preferences. This could be important things such as clothing sizes, computer choices and more. 

To add a question you simply press "add question" and there you write your question.

Multiple choice - Designed for making choosing simpler

Makes it simple to show which options are available for a person to choose from. This is great for gathering input on their IT preferences and more. As a recipient of a multiple choice question, I can only choose one.

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