Helping your new hires get the best possible start is really simply with Henry. Good to know is also that you can set up several different journeys dependent on your needs.  

This is how you onboard a new hire

Step 1: Navigate to your dashboard

Within your dashboard you will have a button that says "start new onboarding". Once you click that you will be asked to add the details for the new hire.

Step 2: New hire details

Once you press start new onboarding you will be asked to add employee details. Make sure to add the following information: 

  • Name
  • Work title
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Then choose the new employees manager 
  • Set the first day on their job 

Step 3: Chose the right journey

With Henry, you can have one or several journeys depending on your needs. We recommend companies to create different journeys dependent on the employee's location or job to make sure it is very specific which in turn increases time to productivity and engagement. 

Once you choose the right journey for the specific individual Henry will make sure that the right messages are sent at the right time.

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