If you are onboarding people continuously it can be a bit hard knowing exactly where in the process each new hire is. To make this simple we have both enabled you to see exactly in each journey where people are and have also created a personal profile for each hire, making it simple to see completed tasks, answered questions and other details. 

Journey progress

For each journey you can see the messages it contains and the status for the individuals within the journey. Underneath each journey you can see the following: 

  • Messages: Which messages does the journey contain
  • Scheduled: Who will be interning the journey next
  • Ongoing: Who is in the journey currently 
  • Completed: Who is gone through the entire journey 

Individual profiles

For each employee that is going through an employee onboarding you will be also be able to see their progress and details. 

Underneath each employee profile you will be able to see the status of their onboarding, which journey they have entered, tasks they have completed and also the questions they have answered.

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