With Henry it is easy to make sure the right person gets sent the right message at the right time. 

In the message editor you can choose:

Send to

Choose who receives the message by adding them to send to view. You can either choose a employee, manager or one of the users you have added within the tool. 

Sent on

Choose how many days before or after their start date the message should be sent. Messages are set up to be sent either before or after their start date to make sure you are able to perfectly time your messages, during their first time at the company.  

You can also choose exactly at what time you want to send the message to your employee.

Tasks due

For messages with tasks you can also choose when tasks should be completed. By setting tasks due, Henry will make sure to send out an interactive task-list to the person you set as well as remind them if they haven't completed the task in time. Henry will only send one reminder and you will see any tasks which haven't been completed in your dashboard. 

Replies sent to

Here you set who will receive answers to the message. Note that if the person responds to the email the first person in the list will receive the replay. 

Note: You can also make sure multiple people know that tasks have been completed. To do so you simply add multiple people to the replies sent to column. 

Send test email to yourself

If you wonder how the email will look like you can choose to send yourself an email to check layout and the formatting of it simply by pressing send test email to.

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