When onboarding a new hire everything in Henry starts by choosing a journey for them. Journeys are a collection of messages which are triggered at specific times during an employee's introduction time at the company. Journeys can also contain messages triggered to other parts of the organisation (managers, office management, IT and others) at specific times. 

To create a journey you simply navigate to journeys and choose "new journey". 

Setting up your first journey

Creating your first message

To create your first message you simply choose "Add new message". We recommend to create a message which is a welcome message for the new hire as a first message. A message that enables them to get to know the company and its culture. 

When creating your messages make sure to:

Personalise them:

Make sure to use our template tags to personalise each message. You can read more about template tags here.

Choose a recipient and when to deliver it

Decide who will receive the message and at which time and stage during the introduction it should be sent.

Decide who will receive the response

If the new hire responds to the email, make sure it gets sent to the right person by setting replay sent to. 

Preview the email

Make sure to preview to email before you add it to your journey by pressing "send test email to yourself"

Setting up multiple journeys

We recommend companies to try to personalise journeys as much as possible in order to make sure each message is engaging and interesting for the new hire. 

Creating different journeys depending on region, role or employment makes a lot of sense and will boost new hire productivity and engagement.

We recommend setting up multiple journeys if you have new hires in different: 


A company could have a journey set up for everyone in Sweden and than a different one for new hires in the US to make sure the specific steps for each region is completed.

Job role:

Engineers and sales people could have two different journeys which focus on the specifics of their roles enabling them to not only to shorten time to productivity but also get a deeper understanding of their role, expectations and internal best practices. 

Deleting a journey

You can always delete a journey, just note that if you do so, you will delete all messages within that journey. This can't be undone. 

To delete a journey simply choose options and delete journey.

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