Improving the messages and iterating on your journeys can help you create an even better employee experience - that's why we've built Journey Evaluations.

This allows you to automatically send out a set of questions at any point in your journey and get nicely summarised stats in one place.

Here's how you do it!

1. Create your evaluation

Within a journey, click Add new step to choose the type of item you want to add to your journey. Choose Create new evaluation here.

2.  Set up your questions

This will take you to the editor where you can compose the questions you want to ask. You can either Import predefined questions written by the Henry team or write your own questions. You're free to mix these questions however you want!

Importing question
Choose from predefined questions written by the Henry team. Click the + icon for the questions you want and then press the Import button.

Write questions
Write your own questions and choose a question type.

3. Schedule your evaluation

Choose when who the recipient of this journey is, when it will be sent and how many days the user has to respond.

You can send a test evaluation to yourself, your answers wont show up in the results view.

4. Set evaluation live

When you're happy with the evaluation, you need to Set it live in order for it to be sent with the Journey.

And that's it! Now your evaluation will be sent the next time you onboard or offboard an employee with this journey.

Your results will be displayed in Evaluation results, read more about how it's displayed here and how the feedback is gathered here!

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